Sunday, January 16, 2011

Christmas/New Years!

For Christmas, the 4 of us (SALL - Samantha, Abigail, Lena, Lucas) did not want to stay in Samsun. We wanted to go to the AFS Christmas party in Ankara to celebrate it with other people that celebrate this holiday, in a country where very few people celebrate it. We finally got the okay to go and we boarded the typical midnight train to Ankara on the Thursday before Christmas. Our weekend in Ankara ended up being much more eventful than we expected, which was very exciting. We visited my host mom and brother from the 6 weeks I spent in Ankara last summer, went to the AFS Christmas party, walked all around the center, and visited a friend of Lena’s family. It was really good to see our friends, and we had a great time just relaxing in Ankara. Even though we just sat in cafes and talked, it was much more exciting and relaxing than being in Samsun. I ended opening up my Christmas presents the morning of the 26th because I wasn’t at home on the 25th, but that was fine with me. Thank you so much to everyone who made my Christmas enjoyable. It was definitely very different not being at home with my immediate family, but I was with my Samsun family of this year which is what really counts.
Our Christmas Tree for 2010!

Christmas picture with our AFS volunteer friend!
My New Year’s celebration was very relaxed as well. I went to Lena’s house to celebrate it with her, her host sisters, some cousins, and some friends. It was great to just relax with the girls. The holiday’s here are not as big as they are in the US, but it is great to celebrate them differently, especially since I will celebrate them the American way for many years to come! 


  1. great description and photos...Patsy

  2. Pop said great report!


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